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Welcome to The Wildlife Community forum!

Wildlife Gardening

This category is for discussion of Wildlife Gardening, our gardens are the main interface between the human world and the natural world. There’s so much going on in our gardens if we take the time to notice. Please share your tips and observations here.

Community Projects

We are really passionate about connecting people and nature. We chose that as our purpose because it works on multiple levels but connection is paramount. There are thousands of people taking action in their communities beyond the garden fence to give nature a chance. Small isolated ecological communities are doomed without connections and we need joined up thinking as well as joined up spaces. We’re interested in hearing about what you are doing and what fantastic projects you are involved in.

Citizen Science

Welcome to the Citizen Science category on The Wildlife Community forum! This is a place for discussing and sharing your experiences with citizen science projects related to wildlife and conservation.


Welcome to the Photography section of The Wildlife Community forum! Here, you can share your amazing wildlife photographs, discuss photography techniques, and connect with other wildlife enthusiasts who are passionate about capturing the beauty of the natural world.

Flora & Fauna

All about the tree of life


We are bipedal mammals in the Great Ape family. We like to pretend we’re something other than part of nature sometimes and it’s really not good for our wellbeing, we are not being true to ourselves and our true nature.