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Welcome to The Wildlife Community forum!

We’re a kind of community whether we use a forum or not, we all share a love of nature and want to encourage biodiversity in our gardens and green spaces. We thought it would also be good to provide a platform for discussion and to help build a sense of community, so that we can share our experiences, questions and observations with each other and make the biggest possible impact together.

If you are a new forum member, please introduce yourself (and your wildlife) here.

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Hi, I’m Sophie an amateur naturalist and proud nature nerd! I live in the sticks south of Dursley and work part time at Tetbury Library as a Library Assistant and their ‘Green Champion’. For the last 12 months I’ve been working to ‘green up’ the library and improve the biodiversity of our site and locale and started our ‘Hedging & Wildflower Project’. With the help of local volunteers, we have created a wildlife friendly hedge at the front of the library with saplings donated by The Woodland Trust, to give wildlife a shelter, habitat and source of food. We have more saplings arriving this March from the Woodland Trust will be creating more wildlife friendly hedges at the side and back of the library too. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust kindly donated biodegradable hessian matting for the hedges and have been advising us on our developing wildflower meadow at the back of the library. Local company, Melcourt, kindly donated 1000 litres of peat free compost for our projects and lovely local business, Wildlife World, kindly donated bird, bat and insect hotels which are already being used by wildlife including leaf cutter and mason bees! The Glorious Cotswolds Grasslands team have also donated a large bag of locally sourced wildflowers and grasses to sow, which we will be doing in spring. As more and more houses are built in Tetbury as they are around the country, green spaces and the wildlife they support continue to be squeezed, so I’m passionate about turning unloved barren green spaces and making them into mini oasis’ for wildlife and improving the biodiversity on our doorsteps. On a personal note, we bought a house in 2011 for the 2 acre wooded garden it came with which has been a magnet for wildlife and a continual source of inspiration. Since Covid started I began a project photographing and recording the wildlife in my garden and have recorded nearly 1,000 different species so far and have still barely scratched the surface! So far we have over 50 different species of tree, 24 different species of bee, 350 species of moth, at least 4 different types of Bat included in our species of mammal which also includes lots of Hedgehogs, Foxes and visiting Muntjac, at least 38 species of bird including visiting Redwings, the blue flash of a Kingfisher along the brook, resident Moorhens, Goldcrests, Black Caps, Green & Great Spotted Woodpeckers that live in the garden and a pair of Common Buzzards who have nested just behind our garden for the last 10 years and predate every few days - an astonishing sight to see! We have spent the last ten years creating log piles and dead hedges for insects, areas of long grass, bramble, nettle and scrub for birds, putting up bird boxes, constantly feeding our birds including putting out corn for the pheasants, ground feeders and wild moorhens that have lived here since 2011 and try to make our garden a haven for wildlife free of chemicals and damaging horticultural practices. We also have a wildflower meadow area which has already supported a wealth of new species attracted to the garden including a rare Brown Banded Carder Bee. I’m not a great gardener, as I’m still learning about plants, but am passionate about helping wildlife survive and thrive and to try and reverse the devastating loss of species and biodiversity that we have here in the UK.

Hello! I’m Charlie, I’m a nature and travel writer based on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. I am also the social media coordinator for TWC!

Living on the Norfolk coast, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an absolute wealth of biodiversity, from the resident species to the migrant species who visit us throughout the year. I love nothing more than getting out on the coast and exploring with my kids!

I’m also a bit of a mountain goat, having moved over from North Wales and love to go back to the mountains whenever I can to explore nature in a different way.

Looking forward to connecting with people on this forum and learning all about your wild stories!

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