Greetings TWC friends! From Paul

Hello everyone, I’m Paul and I am Online Community Manager for The Wildlife Community. I live in Cumbria after moving up from the Cotswolds with my wife and whippet last year. We bought a property with an existing wildlife friendly garden and I am pleased to say that we’ve been pleasantly surprised that it’s even more wildlife friendly than we anticipated!

This year we had Spotted Flycatchers nesting on top of a post in under our lean-to, Tree Sparrows nesting in a cavity in the shed, Bats in the trees, resident Rabbits (our elderly whippet loves that, even if he can’t keep up!), lots of wildflowers especially Yarrow and Feverfew, LOADS of bees, flies and other inverts, and right now I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of fungi popping up, a couple of highlights have been Matte Bolete (Xerocomellus pruinatus), Dark Fieldcap (Cyclocybe erebia), Scarlet Caterpillar Club (Cordyceps militaris) and three lots of Pholiota growing on different trees (Willow, Lilac, Cherry) plus many many more.

We don’t currently have a pond, so that’s on the cards next.

I look forward to seeing what you are all up to in your gardens and community beyond the garden gate!

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