iRecord and iNaturalist - sharing records

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This is pretty niche :nerd_face: but if like me, you use both iNaturalist and iRecord for your biological recording, then here’s some information I found recently about interoperability between the two platforms: iRecord and iNaturalistUK | iRecord

If you use iNaturalist, you can help the recording scheme verifiers by following these guidelines where possible:

  • Choose an open licence for your records: CC0 or CC BY will enable your records to be used as widely as possible; CC BY-NC (non-commercial) can prevent records being used by some schemes and records centres. Other licence choices (such as SA and ND) are difficult to interpret for individual records, and cannot be used in iRecord or the NBN Atlas (nor on GBIF).
  • If adding records to the iNaturalist UK website, ensure that you zoom in to the map when setting the location, so that the records have an accuracy measure of 100 metres or less. This will ensure that a reasonably accurate grid reference can be assigned to them on import to iRecord.
  • Avoid obscuring locations unless absolutely necessary, as this can prevent them being linked to grid references of suitable precision for recording scheme use
  • Provide your real name if possible; this can be added as the “Display name” in your iNaturalist profile, and will then be used as the recorder name on iRecord
  • Now that the record import is in place, it is helpful if you can avoid adding the same record to both iNaturalist UK and iRecord, to avoid duplication of both records and of verifiers’ time.](iRecord and iNaturalistUK | iRecord)

I mark lots of the records I make in my garden private (location only visible to verifiers) so that explains why none of my inaturalist records have been imported into the irecord database

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Very interesting. I’ve used iRecord since 2020 to record all my biological records as I’ve been doing a BioBlitz project on my garden. I haven’t as yet used iNaturalist, but its great to know that the two can be linked up so that records are not being missed/lost. The biggest problem I have with iRecord is the variability of verifiers, West Gloucestershire where I live has fantastic verifiers for moths, bees & hoverflies. They are slightly slower at verifying butterflies and mammals, but unfortunately there are no verifiers for bird records in the West Gloucestershire area at all, so countless records just sit there and never get looked at. Is there a similar problem with iNaturalist or are verifiers more centralised so experts can verify records from any part of the country?

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I found the lack of feedback on iRecord a little frustrating also. iNaturalist is an open verification platform (more like wikipedia) so you get much quicker feedback and pointers while the curiosity trail is still hot.

iNaturalist has a companion app called ‘Seek’ which is fabulous for getting started if you have no clue what you’re looking at.

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Oh that’s good, regarding iNaturalist verifiers, I might be tempted to try and use that as well then, as I’d really like some of my bird records to get looked at and verified. Presumably all biological records eventually end up going to the NBN Atlas?

Yes that’s right, although it can take a while! I have some notable records that have DNA results that are still waiting to appear on the UK map. There’s one unconfirmed sighting in England but not mine…