New nestboxes this year?

Here’s the new nest boxes going up this week in our garden. Anyone else planning to add to their collection this year? I am particularly excited about the Treecreeper nest box as I spotted one in our garden the day it arrived! Mojo the whippet prefers the Simon King Brushwood Robin Nester :joy:

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I must say Wildlife World do some of the most beautiful bird boxes I’ve ever seen! Very pleased to say that the ones they donated to the library have been used, and we currently have leaf cutter and mason bees in one of the insect hotels donated. Fascinating stuff! Yesterday, to celebrate national bird box week (BTO), the Nature Club I run at Tetbury Library, we made some very basic

wooden Robin Nest boxes and were able to chat about the importance of insects to insectivores like Robins and all the other species that insects support. It was great talking about the importance of not using chemicals in the garden to really encourage insect life. Hopefully we’ve made some new converts. :smiley:

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Oh that’s fantastic! Thanks for the updates Sophie. Fab little robin nesters there too and a very important message about inverts and the more charismatic species - no bugs/creepy crawlies, no cute birbs, no cute hoggies etc.

It really reminds me of that saying “If you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves”

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I’ve just been out putting my cabin nester up on the fence! Hopefully someone will move in! Very exciting