Teeny tiny mushrooms

Things have gone a little quiet on the fungi front in our garden with all the recent frosty weather but I did spot these little mushrooms while walking our whippet around the car park outside the pet shop… Quite a few fungi seem to have a symbiotic relationship with mosses, so I cast my eyes over mossy patches when I come across them.

I haven’t tried keying it yet but it does look close to the Arrhenia rickenii I found (also on moss) on a neighbour’s driveway a few months ago but I don’t think that’s it.

Yo Paul this is cool!

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So evocative of beautiful dampness!

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I do find fungi fascinating! I can’t help but look for them everywhere I go

We get an interesting variety of fungi in the wooded part of our garden, like this Chicken of the Woods, and just growing in our lawn like Honey Fungus, Roll Rim and various Waxcaps! :smiley:

Golden Waxcap

Heath Waxcap

Red Cracking Bolete

Butter Waxcap

Lilac Fibrecap

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